How Strength for Birth Comes From Within

How Strength for Birth Comes From Within

How Strength for birth comes from within. You’re stronger than you think …

You don’t know it yet but you are. So, let’s discuss.

Inner “strength” is something that will rise within you when the time comes to birth your baby. But to experience it you must stop believing all the negative stories you hear – including the ones you tell yourself. You must stop listening to external advice given by others because they don’t KNOW what you want or need. Only you can guide yourself.

All the books in the world on childbirth won’t help you, so put them away.

Childbirth is like sex in the way that it’s a physical experience – not an intellectual one.

It always touches my heart in a concerned yet understanding way, how much childbirth is feared. Even in the year 2018 – where the history of childbirth has come such a long way. It’s not what is used to be hundreds of years ago – but the myths still roll down from generation to generation.

Every now and then I see a new mom with an incredible story like this …

Strength from Within

I came ac cross a new mom waiting in the lobby for her husband to pick her and her new baby up from the hospital.

I was curious so I walked over to her and we recognized each other as she was in one of my classes. She began to cry …

Why are you crying ?” I asked. “Because I birthed my baby without medication! I was so inspired by your class and what you taught me I believed maybe I could birth baby without medication. I walked around for  weeks 4cm dilated and then the contractions came hard. By the time I got to the hospital I was 9 cms dilated. I pushed for 2 hours and gave birth to a little boy … I feel so blessed .. I did it …”

I’m not saying using medication for birth is not the right way or wrong – it’s a choice and depends on the woman. But so many women, maybe you, FEAR the birthing process. The negative stories are so rampant you start to believe them.

What I’m saying is when a woman believes in her potential and capabilities to birth with or without medication she is trusting her instincts – rather than listening to external advice and opinion.

However, this takes learning new ways of thinking, doing self-care, paying attention to self-influence (your self-talk) …

And that’s where the strength rises from deep withing – listening to your intuition.

Such an incredible sense of accomplishment to birth a baby.

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