The 30 / 70 Rule for Childbirth

The 30 / 70 Rule for Childbirth

The 30 / 70 Rule for Childbirth

There are very rare medical cases where women pregnant and in comas have given birth to healthy babies. They could not consciously “push” to birth their babies but doctors assisted these births with medications to help induce contractions, used instruments such as forceps or vacuum, or surgical birth (Cesarean) to birth the babies.

Yet, the labor process of these women, full dilation and effacement of the cervix, had occurred all on its on.

How is this possible?

Because a woman’s body has a built in, innate “Blueprint” the body follows when it’s time. It’s amazing to think about!

Labor is 30% physical and 70% emotional.

So, what do I mean by this?

Since the 16th and 17th century French and English physicians have been trying to figure out how a woman’s body works. They constructed female models made out of crude materials such as leather and straw stuffing to demonstrate the “mechanics” of birth to physician hopefuls.

There were no doctors in America at this time in history.  Midwives delivered babies. If there were any doctors in America, they were trained and came from England. They brought with them the “new science” of looking at the female body as a machine.

Labor is 30% physical and 70% emotional.

In the 21st century we’ve come so far with medical innovations and technology.  Yet we still approach a woman’s body, her labor and birth as a process to dissect to understand it. When in reality it’s as normal as eating American Apple Pie. We don’t need to understand it. We just need to let it happen.

Here are some facts and tips to embrace about labor and birth:

  • Birth is normal
  • Labor is temporary
  • Birth takes time and patience and should not be rushed
  • A woman’s body is programmed physically to birth with or  without conscious effort
  • It’s not an illness and should not be treated as one
  • Emotions can speed up or slow the physical process of labor and birth

Tips for expectant mothers:

  • Celebrate your abilities, the potential to birth and give birth
  • Celebrate your abilities as a woman to have the talent to “build” a baby within you
  • Celebrate your individuality and how incredible you are
  • You know how to birth – it’s part of you, just like your body knows how to breathe, it knows – trust the process

Now, there’s absolutely no dispute how the human body physically reflects, mirrors  human emotions. It’s a medical and scientific fact. Knowing this, there is so much in your control in managing your labor.

Managing the 70%, the emotional component of the labor process is the key to a satisfying birth experience.

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